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ABOUT MANTISSA A dream come true

Mantissa and Agro Fonte Alta Farms, located among the most beautiful mountains in the the city of Campestre, in the Southern region of the state of Minas Gerais, are characterized by coffee crops intermingled with Atlantic Rainforest zones, with a fertile, clayey soil, with heights  of up to 1280 m.

Our first Farm arose from a dream. Mr. Mauro, head officer of Grupo Agro Fonte Alta, of Italian ancestry, fell in love for the climate and the quality of life of that region in Minas Gerais. At first, he intended to raise cattle but his passion for coffee led him through other paths. Throughout these years, our company became expert in producing fine, specialty coffees, continuously developing researches and processes, aiming to improve quality.

Due to Mantissa Farm's then little experience  within the coffee segment, we faced a challenging beginning but we stayed strong, with a hard-working, caring, professional team, always aiming at meaningful results. Mantissa Family grew up, developed , and today we reap the fruit of our hard work through certifications and awards earned throughout these years. Mantissa Farm was a finalist in every edition, from the 15th to the 20th, of Ernesto Illy Award for the Sustainable Quality of Coffee, and in the 17th edition we ranked third, which certified our team's performance and passion. In 2021, the acknowledgement was consolidated ,as we won the 30th Edition of the Ernesto Illy Award for the Sustainable Quality of Coffee.

Being near the producer is one our greatest assets. This is due to this region in the state of Minas Gerais which keeps its tradition and mainly its receptivity. With our open door ethics, we are ready to receive every one with their experiences on farming, harvesting, post-harvesting and storage. Thus, we cooperate for developing together high quality products.

Always attentive to innovation and technology, Mantissa Farm was one the pioneers in the region at investing in equipment for peeling and pulping coffee. Such novelty brought surprise and fascination to regional producers, since the technology presented up to then was below the market standards.

The machinery in sheer development brought singular benefits to the new coffee. Specifically, some producers came to the farm to get to know the "robot that peeled coffee," as they said. When a producer was introduced to the equipment, he felt dissatisfied, since he imagined arms and a face, like in a robot. Despite the story's funny character, it shows us the limitations of the small producers regarding new Technologies.

All this path built with dedication, professionalism and love built up this family. Coffee is our essence, what encourages us daily to improve and find new knowledge in order to keep our excellence from our farms to your cup.



    Be a benchmark farm at producing and exporting specialty coffees, with a global reputation in quality, sustainability and ethics, enabled by close partnerships with producers in our region and focused on domestic and International clients.



    Become a national and International benchmark in specialty coffees production and commerce.



    Develop a work always based on principles of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

EXCELLENCE From our farm to your cup Know our method

The Planting

The planting is performed during the rain season, as the soil is moist.
Mantissa<em>The Planting</em>
One of the essential steps for guaranteeing the excellence of the coffee drink is the planting.

The Harvesting

The selective harvest consists of collecting the ripe cereja fruit, ignoring thus the green ones.
Mantissa<em> The Harvesting </em>
It is ideal that the fruit be ripe, with few green or cereja fruit, in a post-ripening phase, dry or raisin.

Drying and Processing

Peeled cereja, natural and lots of fermented coffee are some of the main processes in the farm.
Mantissa<em> Drying and Processing </em>
Our Farm Works with different post-harvesting processes in order to meet our most demanding clients' demands and the market's needs.

Classification and Tasting

Every lot is physically and sensorially analyzed by our Q-Graders (coffee classifiers and tasters classified by CQI – Coffee Quality Institute).
Mantissa<em> Classification and Tasting </em>
In this step, we taste the result of all the work in the crop and the Yard.

Storage and Commerce

With the same care and attention to details, the lots are stored in Big Bags or in jute sacks of 60 kg.
Mantissa<em> Storage and Commerce </em>
Every coffee is properly sorted by lots and tracked from the crop to the storage, with full traceability and thorough information through every step.

Excellence translated into Certifications & Awards

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