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Mantissa<em>The Planting</em>

The Planting

One of the essential steps for guaranteeing the excellence of the coffee drink is the planting.

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Mantissa<em> The Harvesting </em>

The Harvesting

It is ideal that the fruit be ripe, with few green or cereja fruit, in a post-ripening phase, dry or raisin.

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Mantissa<em> Drying and Processing </em>

Drying and Processing

Our Farm Works with different post-harvesting processes in order to meet our most demanding clients' demands and the market's needs.

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Mantissa<em> Classification and Tasting </em>

Classification and Tasting

In this step, we taste the result of all the work in the crop and the Yard.

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Mantissa<em> Storage and Commerce </em>

Storage and Commerce

Every coffee is properly sorted by lots and tracked from the crop to the storage, with full traceability and thorough information through every step.

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