MantissaMundo Novo

SHARP, SWEET TASTE Medium sharpness, intense fragrance, with medium toasting and acidity levels.

Mundo Novo Coffee results from a natural crossbreeding between the Sumatra and Red Bourbon cultivations.

Mundo Novo is a 100% arabica variety, which plants make the finest, most sophisticated coffees, with a sharp, sweet taste. It has medium sharpness, intense fragrance, and medium toasting and acidity levels. It may also present caramel and milk chocolate notes.

The MUNDO NOVO variety results from the natural crossbreeding between the SUMATRA and RED BOURBON cultivations, and it was discovered in the municipality of Mineiros do Tietê, in the state of São Paulo, in 1952.

The seeds of one of those coffee trees were planted in the municipality of Mundo Novo (named URUPÊS), in the state of São Paulo.


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